Ontario couple seeks to put a stop to wind-farm expansion

24 09 2012

The world today is constantly trying to be more “green”, and creating new devices or ideas to help with the environment. An example of this would be wind mills and wind farms, which are being put to use in place of  fossil fuel burning  energy sources such as coal factories. However, farmers in Ontario are wanting to put a stop to the production of wind mills that are being put up so close to their fields. They fear that their cattle, soil and children will be negatively effected by the noises and the vibrations coming from them. They would appreciate if Health Canada would construct a thorough experiment on the health effects of them on their children, soil and cattle before the Ontario government continues to place wind mills by their farms. This is a very big deal because Ontario has the largest amount of wind farms. So, should the production of wind farms in Ontario be postponed for health reasons or should Ontario keep itself on its environmentally friendly path?

The farmers however, do not have a valid defense against the production of these environment saving machines. Wind mills and wind farms are fantastic creations to help with the over-polluted world. We should defiantly not stop the production of wind farms and I don’t believe Health Canada should even bother researching the health effects from wind mills.

Farmers and wind turbines are very compatible with each other. For one reason the wind turbines themselves take up a very small amount of space. An average farmer in Ontario owns 244 acres of land, and a single wind turbine including the access road only takes up half  an acre. This leaves farmers with great deals of land still usable to them for whatever purpose they choose. The farmers can also choose where to place the turbines so that they are out-of-the-way of the rest of their farm. Another reason their compatible would be additional income to the farmers. Along with the never-ending wind that the turbines collect, they also generate additional income to the farmers for as long as there functional. How could a farmer disagree to additional income with the expense of only half an acre?

Noise from wind turbines is also not a problem. Studies have shown that the only noise heard from a wind turbine is the swooshing of the blades. All other noise coming from the generator is at such a low-frequency, the human ear is unable to pick it up. This is why farmers should be glad to have wind turbines on their property and realize how much it helps them in the long run. Wind turbines are also very compatible with the Earth. Wind energy is the best energy source for the environment and the seventh best renewable energy source. Pollution is becoming a very large problem as we evolve so having a wind farm helps immensely. Instead of burning fossil fuels, farmers should use wind mills. Farmers can help the environment and help themselves with having wind mills on or close to their property. The production of wind turbines should never stop.

To keep this world on the “green” path, farmers must cooperate with wind turbines close by. I don’t see how any farmer could refuse a chance of having additional income and saving the environment. What do you think of this? Should we stop producing wind turbines?



2 responses

27 09 2012

The Golux agrees with you. Who cares about the hearing of cattle if we are going to slaughter and eat them anyways? A little bit of noise is a small price to pay for preparing for an eco-friendly world. Every day we here about the large beating the world takes from our fossil fuel feeding technology. The world needs to start changing to greener technology and if that means integrating renweble energy machines into our everyday life then so be it. Putting windmills onto farmland for a little bit of money and greener future is a good thing in my mind!

10 10 2012

I believe that it is ridiculous that vibrations given off from a wind turbine could do any real damage. There might be a small possibility if people lived right at the very base of the turbine but as you mentioned the farmers get to pick where they place the wind mill so if they are stupid enough to put it right behind their house then it’s their own problem that they should not pester other people with their complaints about it.
Also Compare to the damage Fossil fuels have on our atmosphere the problem of couple pesky vibrations really is a miniscule thing. Fossil fuels when burned produce gases that go up into the atmosphere. These gases trap the sun’s rays in out atmosphere causing the global temperature to raise. ( This is know as the green house effect.) If we continue to add more and more greenhouse gases to our atmosphere then we will be causing us huge problems in the future such as rising ocean levels and the extinction of species . In My opinion the vibrations of a windmill is really rather a small price to pay for preserving the health of our plant.
I do believe the Ontario government should look into the health effects of a a wind turbine on humans so if they needed they could make a regulation in terms of the distance from a home a wind turbine could be placed if needed. Though even if their were health effects caused by the wind mills it wouldn’t compare with the effects of the toxic gases have on people produced by factories we currently use to produce power.
All and all i believe that the Ontario couple are off their rockers and really just making a fuss for no good reason at all.

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